About Me

My Background

  I was born on June 25, 2010 in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.  

Who I am

 I am Lilia Vysotsky. I am 8. I am going to be in the third grade at Brownstown Elementary School.  

Things I love

  I like to spent quality time with my family, play with my brother and my sisters. I also like to visit relatives and friends. I also like music, so I sing together with my siblings and friends at church and I also take piano lessons.  

Church Activities

Singing with My Church Friends

 I like to sing together with my frienfds at chuirch. 

With My Brother and Sister

 From time to time we visit Home for Elderly to encourage them. 

Visiting Home for Elderly

 From time to time we visit Home for Elderly to encourage them. 

Favorite Occupations

Cooking and Baking

  I like to learn how to cook and bake. Natasha's Kkitchen can help anyone to learn the art.  

Music and Singing

  I take piano lessons from Mrs. Stoltsfus. Also sometimes listen to lessons at https://www.hoffmanacademy.com/  

Reading & Playing

  I like to read books, play on the phone, ride my bicycle or do something with my siblings. Check our Family Channel.  

Websites of My Siblings

Katerina Vysotsky

  My sister. She is in 6th grade.  

David Vysotsky

  My brother. He is in 1st grade.  

Milana Vysotsky

  My sister. She is the youngest.  

Websites of My Parents

Nataliya Vysotsky - My Mother

 My mother was born in Ukraine. She married Anatoly Vysotsky on June 24, 2006. Presently she resides in Ephrata, Pennsylvania together with her husband, my father, and four children, me and my siblings.  

Anatoly Vysotsky - My Father

 My father was born in Ukraine. He married Nataliya Shereyko on June 24, 2006. Presently he resides in Ephrata, Pennsylvania together with his wife, my mother, and four children, me and my siblings.  

Amazing Universal Services

  This is business of my Father. He provides Bookkeeping, Tax Return Preperation, Interpretation and Notary Public Services.  

Different Favorite Links

Electronic Dictionaries

 Varietyof electronic devices to learn English language 

Savchenko Family

 Website of Savchenko Family 

Light of the World Fellowship

 Our Church Website

Harvest Song 2017 Video


Снова год пролетел - день жатвы настал

(И в праздник жатвы славу Богу воздай)

Siblings Church Program Video


И в снег и в дождь я радуюсь в Иисусе

(Господь мой Пастырь)

Happy Childhood Memories

 Children Playing at Home 2012 

Family YouTube Channel Video

My Childhood

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We love our friends, so feel free to visit us anytime. But please call or write... I invite you to my church Light of the World Fellowship 400 W. Main St. Suite 9, Ephrata PA 17522 USA where we meet every Sunday at 10:00 AM for worship service and on Friday at 7:00 PM for Bible study..  

Light of the World Fellowship

400 W Main St. Suite 9, Ephrata, PA 17522.


Sunday 10:00 AM Worship Service

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